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IrSimpleTM Product Certification


The IrSimple Certification program's purpose is to promote interoperability between IrDA IrSimple enabled devices. To do this, the program defines the minimum set of requirements (including physical, protocol, application-layer elements) that will lead to interoperability and an acceptable user experience. IrSimple qualification is awarded to devices that legally meet those standards. Someone purchasing a device with IrSimple certification should feel confident that the device will successfully interoperate with other IrSimple devices in a consistent fashion.

Proper IrSimple certification and tradmark use is a must!

All IrSimple products have to be properly certified according to IrDA requirements for certification and must use the appropriate certification word mark.

Proper brand implementation is a must!

The IrSimple brand can only be used by products authorized by IrDA and must be used in accordance with the IrDA Trademark and Brand Guidelines.

 "IrSimple" trademark lets the end user know that a product is certified and is ready to work with other similar products displaying the same trademark with little or no configuration issues. Under the direction of the IrDA Test and Interoperability Committee, IrDA has authorized Interop Test Labs to provide testing services for devices that will use the IrSimple Trademark. This is part of the qualification process and is a requirement to obtain the intellectual property rights to use the IrDA IrSimple trademarks.  For IrDA Trademark and Brand Guidelines, please click here.

Devices that implement the IrSimple Profile specification must be certified in accordance with the IrDA requirements for certification and must use the appropriate certification word mark.  It is a necessary pre-condition of the trademark regulations when the IrSimple profile is implemented. 

IrSimple Qualification Process at a Glance 

Manufacturers must submit candidates for the IrSimple designation to any IrDA Authorized Test Lab. The approval process is as described below.  Full details on our qulification process and requirements can be found in The IrSimple Product Qualification document. Get your copy now .  



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