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IrDA has formed three working groups; Marketing Committee, Technical Committee, and Test and Interop Committee.  The Architecture Council provides an advisory function to the IrDA Board of Directors.


Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the strategic and tactical direction of the Association, as well as the development of market requirements. The committee works in conjunction with the Technical Committee to define the technical specifications. Also, the committee develops key messages and marketing activities that best convey to the industry and consumers the goals and objectives of IrDA. The Marketing Committee chair is Takao Takahashi of E-Globaledge.

Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is responsible for the identification and resolution of all technical issues, both hardware and software. The committee defines technical issues, proposes appropriate resolutions and implements the agreed upon solutions. The consensus process is used to resolve any differences in opinions. The Technical Committee chair is open. , the Physical  cochair is Tomonori Yazaki of KDDI and the Protocol cochair is open.

Test and Interop Committee
The Test and Interop Committee is responsible for producing measurement requirements to ensure compliance with the IrDA standards specifications, and protecting the integrity of the IrDA trademarks. The committee develops documentation to assist OEM's in testing their products to verify that they meet the requirements of the specifications. The Test Committee chair is Yoshiaki Uoyama of PROVEQ Service Group,Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd .  The Test CoChair is Toshitaka Kezuka of PROVEQ Service Group,Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd and the Interop cochair is Dr. Keming Yeh of ACTiSYS Corporation.

Architecture Council

The function of the Architecture Council is to advise the IrDA Board so that the mission of IrDA can be achieved. The individuals are appointed to the council by the Board of Directors because they are considered industry and academic technology leaders in their field of expertise.  Rob Lockhart of Systek Labs is the Chair.  The Architecture Council responsibilities include:

  • Develop and document the architectural framework to guide the membership in the development of MRDs and technical proposals that may be made so the mission of IrDA can be accomplished.
  • Report widely to the General Membership and Board on its findings and conclusions.
  • Advise the Board on new proposals being developed.
  • Make recommendations to the Board on work that is critical to the success of IrDA.

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