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IrCOMM Specifications:


IrCOMM is the emulation of Serial and Parallel ports over the IrLMP/IrLAP protocol stack. The motivation for IrCOMM comes from the many printing and communication applications which use standard communication APIs to talk to other devices via serial and parallel ports. By making IrDA protocols accessible via these APIs, many existing applications including printing can run over an IrDA infrared link without change. IrCOMM emulates RS-232 (EIA/TIA-232-E) serial ports, and Centronics parallel ports like those found on most personal computers.

The following specifications are included.

  • IrDA Infrared Communications Protocol (IrCOMM) v1.0  (26 pages)
  • IrDA IrComm Test Guidelines v1.0  (98 pages) 

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