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IrSimple™ Product Certification Enhanced


What is it?

Since the IrSimple specification was released in 2005, more than 10 million devices have been sold and IrDA has granted the use of the IrSimple brand name and trademarks to over 400 products. As IrSimple communication gains in popularity, this technology is being implemented in many types of products that do not necessarily share the same complexity (i.e. mobile phones and photo printers). There are also IrSimple certified components available on the market that can be crucial in the development of devices implementing IrSimple connectivity.

With the new addition to the IrSimple Product Certification Program Reference Document (IrSimple PRD), the program now includes the ability to specify test procedures at the device and the component levels. Implementers will be able to determine what tests are appropriate for a specific device, for individual components, as well as to identify whether or not to retest products for upgrades or revisions.

When does it take affect?

The errata to IrSimple PRD 3.1.1 has been approved by Test and Interoperability Committee as of April 1st, 2011 and is immediately available as part of the IrDA library.

IrDA also announces today that it will continue to extend its IrSimple certification program to include a self testing for manufacturers. Any manufacturer can apply to become qualified to perform device testing in their own facilities with the approved tools and training. This alleviates the necessity to travel distances to arrange for product testing.


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