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Becoming an IrDA member will give you the opportunity to be part of the community which creates and develops fast and reliable communication standards by using Infrared technology.  IrDA standards provide low-cost, low-power communication system beyond the brand name of devises. These unique standards make the devise enable to simply walk-up, point and shoot data to a wide range of devices. Join today to be a part of this exciting development!


Corporate Membership

The Corporate Membership allows you to participate in all activities open to members, including our general meetings and seminars throughout the year. Corporate Members can also economically promote their products on the IrDA website as well as conference, tradeshows and press events.

Key features of Corporate Membership

    • Free and unlimited downloads from our site of standards and specification
    • Free registration for use of logos and trademark includes IrSS,  IrSimple, and IrReady
    • Network of experts and professionals who can assist and support your design dilemma and troubleshooting through the on-line forum.
    • Information on the latest development of new IrDA technology and its standards through our e-newsletter.
    • A cost effective way to promote your corporation underneath the umbrella of our internationally recognized organization.

Fee: $4,000 per year - For Applicant's with gross annual revenue is equal or greater than $250,000.
$1,500 per year - For start-up businesses with gross annual revenue less than $250,000 in the previous year

Executive Member

In addition to all rights and privileges of the Corporate Membership, the Executive Membership is granted exclusive powers as the decision makers of the organization. Executive Members are the Board of Directors, which determines the direction of IrDA. They vote on issues and proposals submitted from all Members, and participate in the deliberations and voting of the Advisory Committee of the Members, as set forth in the IrDA Bylaws.

Fee: $8,000 per year - One board level seat with voting rights per company.

Organizational Conduct:

As with all organizations, there are Rules and Regulations and Policies regarding business conduct and the protections of Intellectual Property.  Please review the following so that you are aware of our procedures.

IrDA Intellectual Property and Rules Policy

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Special IrDA Bluetooth® Specification Membership
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Become a member of the community that creates and develops fast and reliable communication standards by using Infrared technology-- become an IrDA member! Recent innovative improvements to protocol layers and transceiver designs now allow IrDA technology to be more efficient, extend the distance up to 3m and enable much wider angles.

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