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Convenor: Hitoshi Naoe, Sharp

Develop a protocol to provide simple and fast communication for performing picture transmission to a TV from cellular phone or a digital camera, and data transmission between cellular phones at high speed.


Convenor: Tomonori Yazaki, KDDI

Develop a protocol to support a 1, 5 and 10 Gbps data rate over an optical link for a file transfer between mobile devices and a docking station which is connected to a PC or a multimedia Kiosk and for a file transfer between mobile devices.


Convenor: Gontaro Kitazumi, E-Globaledge

Develop a new IrDA protocol of wireless connection inside USB layers called IrUSB. The IrUSB will be used in place of physical connection of USB, which has limited lifetime due to the wear and tear of the hardware.


Convenor: Kevin Hendrix, iAnywhere

Develop and maintain an object exchange protocol that is a compact, efficient, binary protocol that enables a wide range of devices to exchange data in a simple and spontaneous manner.

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