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The function of these Test Labs is to provide an independent assessment of the interoperability of an IrDA product. In addition, Test Labs may also provide services and consulting to resolve design problems when they occur. It is up to each Test Lab to set their fees for the services provided.

The primary responsibility of Test Labs is:

  • To provide testing services to assure IrDA interoperability and compliance.
  • To perform the Interop tests and if authorized perform full compliance tests necessary to verify reference products.
  • To present the Qualified PRoduct  certificate to products that pass the tests as defined by IrDA.
  • Report successful products to the IrDA office for registration.

In providing the IrDA Interop testing services, Test Lab ensures that:

  • The tests, procedures and processes conducted are the most up to date as defined by IrDA and that they are an advocate for the end-user in conducting the tests.
  • IrDA policies and procedures are complied with.
  • Tools and equipment are available for conducting the tests.
Other services may also be provided related to IrDA such as consulting and troubleshooting. This is the independent decision of the individual Test Lab. Independent Test Lab Locations that can assist in the validation of product qualification are:

ACTiSYS Corporation ( http://www.actisys.com )
921 Corporate Way 
Fremont, CA 94539, USA
Tel: (510)490-8024, Fax: (510)623-7268
Contact: Dr. Keming Yeh, US Test Lab

Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd.( http://www.cec-ltd.co.jp/service/kensyo/lp/nfc_v.html)
2-9-16, Miyazaki,Miyamae-ku,
(Miyazakidai Systems Laboratory)
Tel: +81-(044)-853-0242, FAX: +81-(044)-853-2341
Contacts: Mr. Tatsuo Iwasaki t-iwasaki
Ms. Saori Yamaguchi s-yamaguchi

Waseda University Test Lab www.waseda.japan
Tokyo, 160-0074, Japan
Tel: 81-3-5286-3114
Contact: Professor and Director Mitsuji Matsumoto at mmatsumoto


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